Feeding systems

Feed distribution - feed conveyors

Cross conveyors transporting fodder, most commonly of the diameters of ∅75mm, ∅90mm and ∅120mm. They are used for the transport of feed of all types and species of birds.


FLEXTRA - an innovative rearing system

The FLEXTRA feeding system ensures the optimal process of rearing breeding stocks without causing stress to the birds. The rearing of the breeding stocks allows for a high degree of uniformity of the body weight of the birds.

All components of the FLEXTRA feed system are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees many years of trouble-free use.


Chain feeding system

The chain feeding system with 6m / min, 12 m / min, 18 m / min, 36 m / min speeds, depending on breeding needs.

  • simple structure and reliable technical solutions
  • even and quick distribution of the feed
  • very good results in terms of breeding laying hens
  • easy to disassemble and maintain hygiene

MATRIX - innovative COCK feeding system

The MATRIX system is an innovative solution for use in breeding stocks, especially for cocks.


ROTRA and REFLEX feed spreaders

The ROTRA and REFLEX feed and grain spreaders are used in poultry houses with breeding flocks to spread small portions of feed/grain in the litter both during the rearing and the laying period, so that the birds are evenly distributed throughout the house, maintain similar growth rates with high body weight uniformity throughout the flock. Moreover, the birds are stimulated to burrow in litter thereby strengthening leg muscles and improving litter quality. The animals are behaving naturally, which improves their welfare.


Motors and elevators for lifting the feeding and drinker lines

Ceiling elevators for lifting the feeding lines in poultry houses are equipped with single or three-phase motors of different power, so they can be used to lift feeding lines of various lengths. The motors should be mounted in a very secure manner so that the weight of the lifted feeding line does not fall out of their mounting.


Round feeder system

The round feeder system offered by VHP can be installed in the poultry house as separate lines for fattening broiler chickens and turkeys of heavy breeds. It is possible to install the system with closed feeders in the whole feeding line or only in selected parts of it according to the needs.