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They are used in the production of hatching eggs of breeding stocks of broiler chicken:

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Product description

The ROTRA and REFLEX feed and grain spreaders are used in poultry houses with breeding flocks to spread small portions of feed/grain in the litter both during the rearing and the laying period, so that the birds are evenly distributed throughout the house, maintain similar growth rates with high body weight uniformity throughout the flock. Moreover, the birds are stimulated to burrow in litter thereby strengthening leg muscles and improving litter quality. The animals are behaving naturally, which improves their welfare.

The REFLEX spreader, installed in a separate fodder distribution line, is suspended at a height of approx. 1.3-1.5 m above the litter and at certain times of the day, it is automatically activated and spreads the granulate around the distance of 6-7 m with the help of a suitable rotating disc; in a poultry house approx. 70 m long and 12 m wide, five ROTRA spreaders should be installed to optimally cover the entire area used by the birds. Engaging the spreader is signaled by a siren sound. It is an additional incentive for the birds to rummage in the litter and to eat the scattered feed pellets.

The REFLEX granular fodder spreader is set up in breeding houses and used during the rearing season of hens and cocks. REFLEX spreaders are portable hoppers placed on three legs with a capacity of 550 l (approx. 350 kg of fodder) equipped in the lower part with a properly designed disc with an individual drive, thanks to which the granulate can be evenly spread within a radius of 3-12 m.