Automatic nests

Automatic nests for Broiler Chicken breeding stock

Automatic hatching eggsnests for chickens in broiler breeding stock. Inside the automatic nest, there is a centrally positioned polypropylene belt for collecting white hatching eggs (adjustable belt speed, the belt canopy prevents the eggs from getting dirty) The egg collection nests are very carefully made of robust materials (bird-friendly wooden panels and waterproof), stable, easy to install and hygienic, make optimum use of the poultry house surface for good access to the feed, which is usually distributed by means of a chain feeding system and the cock feeding system, so-called Matrix system. The design of the nests for the collection of hatching eggs is hen-friendly, so that the number of eggs laid outside the automatic nests is reduced to an absolute minimum. Automatic nests are lined with Astro Turf mats with a special structure so that hatching eggs are perfectly clean. The slightly sloping floor under the automatic nests causes the eggs laid in the nests to roll onto the conveyor belt, so they do not have to be picked up by hand. The egg collection nests are automatically closed by a timer and the hens are gently pushed out of the nests by a special profiled moving wall. This causes the hens to be gently pushed out of the automatic nest and stress-free eviction from the automatic nest