Reproduction -> FLEXTRA - an innovative rearing system


They are used for rearing chicks of breeding stocks of broiler chicken:

  • rearing chicks of the breeding stock with the aim of hatching eggsproduction


Product description

The FLEXTRA feeding system ensures the optimal process of rearing breeding stocks without causing stress to the birds. The rearing of the breeding stocks allows for a high degree of uniformity of the body weight of the birds.

All components of the FLEXTRA feed system are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees many years of trouble-free use.

FLEXTRA feeders have a lowered rim, thanks to which even day-old chicks have easy access to the feed, and the specially shaped bottom of the feeder ensures that the whole feeders are evenly filled with feed. Each bird has a convenient, individual and stress-free access to feed, thus spillage and feed losses are avoided.

Thanks to the double tube and two drive units, all feeders are filled with feed simultaneously. The time of filling the pans with feed is managed by the computer that controls and monitors the feeding.

The FLX-2 or FLX-3 computer programs allow various modes of filling the feeders when rearing breeding stocks, whether by simultaneous operation of all feed lines or an independent operation of separate feed lines