Broilers -> Fluorescent lamps, LED etc.


LED lighting is used for all kinds of birds:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • production of hatching eggs
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • goose fattening
  • breeding stocks of geese

They create a favourable microclimate and ensure good heat distribution in the poultry house

Product description

The applied LED lighting is characterised by high lighting efficiency, i.e. from one watt of supplied energy it is possible to obtain about 1 W of electricity out of which we obtain about 1000 lumens of luminous flux, which is a very good value. The LED light beam is fully adjustable from 0% to 100%. The possibility to regulate the intensity of lighting in particular zones of a poultry house results in full control over technological processes in a broiler house or hatching eggsproduction, which translates into profits achieved by breeders. The temperature of the LED lamps is very important. It has to be adjusted to the production, whether it is breeding stock, fattening chicken or turkey. LED lighting can be supplied in three different colors: white, red, or blue, or a combination of all these colors in one LED lamp