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Water heaters for heating poultry houses are used for all kinds of birds:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • production of hatching eggs
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • goose fattening
  • breeding stocks of geese

They create a favourable microclimate and ensure good heat distribution in the poultry house


Product description

Heating of the heating medium, i.e. water or glycol, takes place outside the poultry house. As a result, the poultry house is heated while the combustion processes remain outside the livestock building. For use in poultry houses for broiler fattening equipped with VALENTA feeders and in breeding stocks equipped with systems such as automatic nests for the collection of hatching eggs, chain feeders for the hens or Matrix feeders for cocks the heaters are made of top quality materials that are resistant to the harmful effects of the poultry house atmosphere and in particular are highly resistant to disinfectants used after the production cycle, whether it be broiler chicken or breeding stock for the production of hatching eggs or cocks