Reproduction -> Ventilation chimneys


The use of controllers in poultry production:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • production of hatching eggs
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • goose fattening
  • breeding stocks of geese 


Product description

Ventilation chimneys are used to remove used air from the poultry house. Basically, we distinguish several types of ventilation, such as:

  • side ventilation
  • roof or chimney ventilation,
  • gable ventilation
  • combined ventilation
  • gable roof ventilation
  • tunnel ventilation
  • gravitational ventilation
  • balanced Ventilation

A particular type of ventilation is used depending on the type and specifics of the building and the type of birds, i.e. broiler chicken breeding, breeding stock for hatching eggs, turkey fattening or turkey rearing. The amount of air exchange is calculated depending on the needs for a given livestock facility, such as poultry house.

We distinguish between different types of ventilation chimneys - warm and cold, due to their construction and different diameters.  The operation of mechanical fans should be managed by computers controlling the parameters of the poultry house environment (air temperature and humidity) so that it is bird-friendly and provides adequate comfort (welfare).

In order for the fans to work effectively, ensuring proper air exchange and not causing excessive air speed inside the poultry house (draughts), the size and number of air inlets must be adjusted to their efficiency.