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The use of controllers in poultry production:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • production of hatching eggs
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • goose fattening
  • breeding stocks of geese


Product description

High-quality wall and chimney axial fans are used with great efficiency for ventilation systems in poultry houses. In order to improve environmental conditions, high-performance air mixers are also installed in poultry houses.

The fans are made of the highest quality materials and are capable of operating in all environmental conditions, including high temperatures. They are resistant to moisture, ammonia and other harmful gases, they are not damaged by dust, they do not corrode and can work for many years.

Easy to clean, they can be washed with a strong stream of water with the addition of detergents.

The diameter of the fans is 30-140 cm. Energy-saving motors are characterized by quiet operation, and thanks to special associated devices it is possible to smoothly regulate the speed of revolutions. Thanks to the special three-dimensional shape of the blades, high-performance fans allow the removal of over 55,000 m3 / h of air from the poultry house per hour with very low electricity consumption