Turkeys -> Climate Computers


The use of controllers in poultry production:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • production of hatching eggs
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • goose fattening
  • breeding stocks of geese

Product description

Climate computers are adapted to control and regulate any ventilation system, whether gravitational or mechanical, operating through wall, roof or tunnel fans with pad cooling and with ventilation composed of two or three types of fans (all ventilation systems must interact with the vents), as well as heating or cooling systems according to the current demand.

Modern computers for broiler chickens and breeding stock allow you to manage the poultry rearing process by controlling and managing not only the environment but also feed and water intake and LED lighting, taking care of the correct rate of growth of the broiler chickens according to the program designed for them on the basis of continuous random control of the weight of birds in the poultry house and in the case of laying or breeding stock, counting eggs laid.

Each of these computers can inform the farm owner or supervisors about the status of the climate and other production indicators in a particular poultry house via wired or wireless communication with a computer or smartphone. 

The interface in a computer, laptop or smartphone is the same as on the computer screen. It is also possible to activate an alarm in a situation where any of the controlled parameters significantly differs from those entered into the program and requires direct intervention on the part of the farm staff.