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Type of drinkers for fattening turkey:

  • fattening of the broiler chicken 
  • turkey production
  • turkey fattening
  • breeding stocks production of hatching eggs 

Product description

The bell drinkers for turkey fattening are automatically filled with water. Thanks to the deep, properly profiled bowl, they provide turkeys with the right amount of fresh water, allowing them to satisfy their thirst. The heavy turkey drinking system made of high-quality materials, easy and practical to install and adjust, and to keep clean, is stabilized with a practical ballast filled with sand or water, protecting it from unnecessary rocking and spilling water on the litter.

Heavy turkey drinking systems are connected to the feed pipe. The height of the rim of the bell drinker for broilers is 44 mm, and the width of the trough is 33 mm, enabling both day-old and older chicks to drink water (drinker diameter 39 cm, drinker rim length 122 cm). On the other hand, the height of the rim of the drinking bowl for turkeys aged 12 weeks and more is 72 mm while the trough width is 68 mm (drinker diameter 42 cm, drinker rim length 132 cm).

The height of the suspension of the turkey and broiler chicken drinker above the litter can be easily adjusted. Regulation of the water pressure in the entire drinking line and the level of filling the drinkers with water protects against unnecessary splashing of water by birds and excessive dampness of the litter.

Drinking water is just as important to the birds as the feed. Computer programs allow water consumption to be continuously tracked and logged at certain times of the day, over the course of a day or longer periods of time. The analysis of water consumption allows the producer to permanently assess the health of the turkeys and to react quickly in the event of any anomalies (sudden decrease or increase in water consumption).