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Feeding system

We offer a wide range of feeding systems adjusted to every kind of poultry production. Common features of these systems are reliability of functioning, simplicity of servicing and easiness of disinfection after completed production cycle.

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We have a wide range of various capacities silos that enables matching an appropriate tonnage to the size of poultry production. We prefer silos made of GFK and high quality tinplate. The basis of the silo is matched depending on the needs and it cooperates with various asps, i.e. Ø 55, Ø75, Ø90, Ø125

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Watering system

We offer advanced and tested watering systems meant for poultry breeding. They provide the fowl with fresh and clean water which is a significant factor in influencing the development of animals. Drinking-troughs are very easy in installation, minimizing the waste of water and they guarantee a dry bedding.

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The heaters offered by our company are simple and easy to use. We have heaters of different heating efficiency, with or without fumes discharge, running on natural gas, propane and fuel oil. They are characterised by high energetic efficiency and maximal effect of heat production.

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Cooling system

We have two kinds of cooling systems working with pressure of 15 and 70 Bar. They are characterized by effectiveness of cooling on hot days. The usage of high quality materials provides longevity and reliability in system operation.

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A good ventilation determines obtaining the best production results. Appropriate microclimate is connected with keeping an appropriate level of oxygen, humidity, etc., however, the side-effects of poultry production like ammoniac or CO2 have to be effectively removed from the building.

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Microclimate control

Appropriate microclimate in the building often decides about the success or the failure of the breeding. We offer a wide range of controllers cooperating with various kinds of factors eg. temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. The system was constructed in the way to minimize the necessity of supervising the work of devices.


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Welcome on the website of the company of VHP providing services in a comprehensive fitting of livestock facilities. See our offer for more details.

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VHP sp. z.o.o.

Our company has been equipping inventory halls with devices to breed chicken, turkey, layer, goose and duck broilers.

We approach every project individually, taking into consideration the kind of breeding, the size of the complex, natural environment, economic potentiality of the customer.


VHP provides the supply within the whole country and abroad, starting from the detailed project until installation and transfer for use. Equipment installation is performed by qualified assembly teams. Projects are drawn up according to the clients’ wishes, considering local conditions.